THE Lochgelly and District Darts League games played on Friday saw bit wins for BRT A and Shardy's A.

Friday's results were, Brt A 10-2 Cleikum Inn, Red Goth 9-3 West End Bar, Welfare Club 2-10 Shardy's A, Shardy's B 4-8 Brt B.

180’s: D.Anderson, C.Mayne and J.Munn

Fastest Leg: J.Munn 15, T.Churchill 18-18, P.Griggs 18, S.Farmer 18 and S.McGaulley 20.

Highest Checkout: S.Farmer 120, S.Lister 102

This coming Friday see’s the Alec Lambert Memorial Shield take place in Lochore Welfare Club, 7:40pm roll call for 7:45 start there is a £2 entry fee.

In the Cowdenbeath and District League returns saw Legion the biggest winners with Crystal not far behind them as Crossgates teams did well.

Results from Friday, Crossguns 3 Partners 9, Diamonds 4 Junction 8, Dunvegan 2 Crystal 10, Woodside 0 Legion 12.

Best Leg Singles (15) - L Mitchell (Crystal).

Highest c/o (130) - I Cochrane (Junction). 180s - G Butchart (Junction), B Donnelly (Partners), C Miller (Partners), A Small (Partners).

Best Leg Doubles (15) - J Gay/B Donnelly (Partners).

Fixture for Friday 14th December is the Gunner Campbell 301 Singles at the Junction Bar.