ON Saturday night at The Racewall, Cowdenbeath, Formula II driver Adam Blacklock experienced all the emotions possible during the meeting.

He rolled his car, won the consolation and was then sent crashing out of the Scottish Championship on the last bend when leading!

Barry Glen and Barry Russell were sent crashing heavily into the wall in the Saloons.

Abbie McGuinness had a wild moment in her Mini riding the wall going into the pit bend whilst Charlie Lobb went one better and rolled after clipping a marker tyre at the other end of the track.

On Saturday there were over 140 cars in the pits racing in a 22 race programme and on Sunday it turned out to be a similar story.

It certainly was an evening of exciting racing in the Formula IIs, Minis and the 2 Litre National Saloons whilst the non contact Stock Rod drivers were in good form with plenty of close and fast racing. The MASCARs and JASCAR drivers treated the fans to fast non contact racing as they went through a series of qualifying rounds.

On Sunday there was controversy during the Stock Rod ORCi Championship when the first across the line was penalised and dropped two places this handing the win to Michael Bethune. Graeme Shevill had a hectic National Saloon Final whilst Charlie Santry had a fairly comfortable win the Ministox ORCi Championship.

On Saturday night the main race of the night was the Formula II Scottish Championship where 31 drivers turned up and they raced in a full BriSCA format. From south of the Border Luke Wench, Ben Lockwood, James Riggall, John Broatch, Colin Gregg and Kyle Taylor appeared whilst Bradley McKinstry and Sean McFerran came over from Northern Ireland. Local drivers in action were Gregor Turner (Dunfermline), Paul and Craig Reid (Cowdenbeath), Ian Thompson (Kennoway) and Gordon Moodie (Windygates). However, P. Reid ran into problems and had to retire.

The first heat saw Robbie Dawson go through to win from Steven Burgoyne and Turner, but past title holder Gordon Moodie slowed to retire.

Heat two was a bit explosive with Blacklock rolling his car at the start of the race. In the end Chris Burgoyne, the defending champion, won from Liam Rennie and Garry Sime. Despite the damage to his car Blacklock was back out for the consolation race which he won from Moodie and Thompson but C. Reid just failed to qualify.

The cars were lined up in a graded draw and when the green flag dropped Colin Forbes was the first to show but Broatch was crowded out on the pit bend and ended up with broken steering, suspending the race. Forbes again led the field away but on lap four there was another stoppage after Taylor spun and was clipped by a few cars that were in close order suspending the race once again.

This time it was Blacklock who led but he had Rennie in close order with Euan Millar making it a three way dice for the lead during the closing stages. On the last lap Rennie was looking to get ahead and he made his bid on the last bend sending Blacklock into the wall and a spin. Rennie too hit the wall and came to a stop allowing Millar to go through to lift the title with C. Burgoyne second and Dawson third with Moodie in fourth and Turner eighth.

C. Burgoyne then won the Grand National from Rennie and Dawson with Moodie fourth ahead of Millar in fifth place.

The Saloon drivers were racing in a series of qualifying rounds for their National Championship with local drivers Raymond Dick (Glenrothes) and Ross Watters (Leven) in action. Heat wins went to Lee Sampson, Aaryn Triggs, Michael Allard, Graeme Shevill and Willie Skoyles Jnr, Watters picked up two tenth places with Dick in eighth place in heat two.

The Stock Rod drivers raced in three heats to qualify for their ORCi Championship with the local drivers being James Matson (Glenrothes), Lee McGill (Glenrothes), Stuart Wedderburn (Leven) and Michael Bethune (Kirkcaldy). Wins went to Bethune, Derek Conner and Steven Gooch. Other results saw Bethune finish his other race in sixth, McGill a fourth and a fifth, Wedderburn a fifth whilst Matson finished with a ninth then a fourth place finish.

Charlie Santry dominated the Ministox heats and he went on to win heats one and three with Max Lanmaid the other. Local drivers in action were Scott Allardyce (Anstruther), Mitch Gold (Leven), Jamie Stewart (Glenrothes) and Michael Mitchell (Lochgelly). Mitchell picked up a sixth in heat one, Gold a sixth in heat two whilst in heat three Gold was seventh and Mitchell eighth.

The MASCAR races were won by Olly Faller, Juli Stanford and Nick Spicer but Alex Sharp (Cowdenbeath) struggled and his only finish was an eighth in heat one whilst James Wallis won all three of the JASCAR races.

On Sunday the Saloon National Championship race was a typical Racewall Championship with no shortage of action. Although Triggs led the field away Allard was soon through into the lead with the race being stopped after Dick’s car came to rest on the back straight. There was another stoppage a few laps later with debris on the track but Allard was still ahead. Shevill moved ahead of Triggs and then latched onto Allard’s back bumper before getting him off the racing line and through to win with Triggs claiming third with Watters in ninth place.

The Raymond Gunn Tribute race was every bit as exciting with no fewer than three stoppages. Lee Sampson led after the last stoppage but then lost out as Luke Grief charged through into the lead. Ian McLaughlin further relegated Sampson to third but whilst McLaughlin made a last ditch attempt to send Grief out of the race he was too far adrift and ended up crossing the line on the tail of Grief with Watters in seventh place.

The Ministox ORCi Championship was dominated by Charlie Santry although there was no shortage of action. Charlie Sime crashed out heavily at the start and then a few laps later and his task was made easier when Langmaid sent Warren Darby into a half spin and he dropped down the order. Darby began to make up places and he sent Lanmaid crashing into the wall suspending the race. On the restart Santry made another good start before going through to win with Darby getting second on the last lap from Mitchell with Gold fifth.

The ORCi Stock Rod Championship turned out to be a good advert for non contact racing although the last lap changed all that. Bethune had made a good start to the race but had to give best to Stephen McCready and dropped a few places. However, on lap six there was a stoppage after Brett Constable had spun. McCready had Derek Conner in close attendance on the re-start but McFerran was on the move and he got ahead of Conner who dropped to fifth.

On lap 17 the race was stopped when Jordan McCann ran into problems and this allowed the field to close right up onto McCready’s boot.

On the re-start both moved away as one with L. McGill in third and Adam Sloan in fourth. On the last lap McFerran was looking for a way through and contact was made resulting in McCready getting very sideways with Bethune diving inside to claim second with James Gray third and McGill in fourth. However, the Steward penalised McCready two places thus handing the win to Bethune although at this stage the result is provisional.

The formula II World Championship qualifying round was another good advert for formula II racing with Craig Wallace, Millar and Rennie winning the heat. Adam Blacklock led the final for a considerable part of the race but lost out to Rennie who went through to win from Blacklock and Dawson with Moodie in seventh.

James Wallis dominated the JASCAR racing making a clean sweep of all the races including winning the Scottish Championship. The MASCAR Scottish Championship saw Aaron Cooke go through to win from Nick Spicer and Ali Topley.

This Saturday the Saloon stock cars are back in action along with the1300 Saloons, Prostocks and MicroF2 drivers with the meeting starting at 6.00pm