I READ with interest in the local paper some of Ross Vettraino's comments ranging from the council's failure to re-open the Cowdenbeath Recycling Centre to the rewilding of grassed areas.

I wonder if he could tell us how many road accidents there have been in or around the Recycling Centre, in Cuddyhouse Road, even at the busiest of times. Could he also tell us where the kids can walk and play now that the rewilding scheme seems to be in progress.

Does he know how many bees and insects are making use of their new habitat compared to the grassed areas of the past.

The public are not stupid and everyone knows it is a cost cutting exercise on both issues by Fife Council.

Anyway I thought they were rewilding the pavements judging by the state these are in.

If you listen to the majority they want the Cowdenbeath Recycling Centre re-opened and the rewilding areas re-instated to what they were intended for.

I think Mr Vettraino might have his own ideas on the way ahead but he should be listening to the wishes of the people.


Swinton's Place,

Hill of Beath.