CLEAN Air Day involves communities, businesses, schools and the health sector to improve everyone’s understanding of air pollution and how it affects our health.

Usually held in June, Clean Air Day is an annual event and has been pushed back until Thursday October 8 due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The air that we breathe is something we all take for granted. Nowadays our air quality is generally better than in the days of coal fires and steam trains, but we know that fossil fuels still cause pollution and damage our health.

We can all help make a difference to the air that we breathe by making a pledge such as walking or cycling to school or work, giving the car the day off, using quieter streets and not letting the car engine idle for example. You could also pledge to learn more about air pollution or create your own pledge.

I encourage everyone to make a pledge for Clean Air Day and play your part in this year's campaign. Let’s make October 8 the cleanest Clean Air Day yet! for more information go to“

This year primary schools in Cowdenbeath, Dairsie and Dunfermline have signed up to get involved in Clean Air Day activities including a competition for pupils to design their own air quality related banner.

Fife Council is also supporting Spaces for People through implementing temporary measures to help Fifers physical distance, making it easier for people to walk and cycle during the Covid-19 pandemic.


Convener of the Environment and Protective Services.