A MILLION thank-yous to Maureen Kennedy in Cowdenbeath for sending me the four books I had asked for.

‘Black Knight’ will be great if I can possibly get more Christmas gifts for the men of my family.

‘Chicago of Fife’ part one and ‘Chicago of Fife’ part two, a great history and full of hundreds of colour photos. This too will be a great gift for the men and women or younger family members.

But ‘Moss Marion’. This must be the most unusual book ever, all historical facts of Mossmorran going back 200 years.

But the obsession I have with ‘Marion’! I can understand why the need to disclose all you have.

Maureen, this letter is to publicly say thank you. As your sacrifice, both financially and emotionally plus physically, will have been enormous.

For you to get these four books out to the public at a time we all need a distraction and boy do these books do that.

All different, so different as an example ‘Black Knight’ does not cover Cowdenbeath, but your father’s life in mining and the Black Watch. All documents of both his lives too with all the disasters/explosions in pits/mines.

I especially loved the personal chapter of your father being able to take you and a pal down the Lindsay Colliery just before it was demolished. And the Bevin Boys, I never had heard all that before.

You have put such a varied feeling and facts/photos in each book. No one could fail to enjoy and want to keep safe for future generations.

If you can (I know that the publishers/printers could only put out small amounts) could you put past two complete sets of each. These will be perfect for Christmas gifts (Chicago great for sending overseas).

All the best my dear and again thank you so very much for sending ‘all four’ solid coloured and beautiful books.