THERE is a big need for a special flood prevention scheme in Cardenden.

What happened in August might have been something of a freak in the way it occurred but the fact is it did happen and we saw so many homes, only a few hundred yards from where I stay, devastated in what was a disaster for the village.

The thing is the River Ore and the Den Burn have shown in the past that the banks could burst at any time in heavy downpours but the happenings of August underlined the things that a lot of local people knew.

If the fact that hundreds of thousands of pounds of damage was caused is not enough to get proper schemes in place to ensure that this can’t happen again then what is needed?

When things like the occurrences here of August happen in other parts of the country they appear on the TV and amazingly schemes seem to go into action to sort problems.

I am glad that Alex Rowley has taken this to the Scottish Government because if the Cardenden drum is not beating no one will take notice.

There are so many things that went wrong that night that need to be sorted out but the fact that the head councillor for public protection said in the Times that basically there were not enough council workers these days to handle what happened that night.

Whether that would have made a difference who knows, but the big element is that the bridge in Cardenden Road needs sorted and the Den Burn and River Ore also need sorted. Over to the Scottish Government.


Carden Castle Park,