THERE seems to real drugs problems happening in Benarty these days.

Certainly Councillor Mary Lockhart was right to be concerned about seeing armed police involved in situations in Ballingry.

The article in the paper suggested that the police people knew about folk who were involved in the increase in the amount of drugs on the streets and they were looking to crack down on them.

That is good to hear but I am not sure that it is great to see police officers with guns on the village streets.

Obviously it would seem that the cops know of targets being involved in all sorts of violence and see that it is necessary to use arms to deal with them.

Getting drugs off the streets is something that has been ongoing for years, not only here but everywhere in Fife, and the success of the efforts have been there from time to time but still these people survive and come back to cause more distress. Hopefully one day the police will win.


Kirkland Avenue,