Worries about how accident could occur

I READ with interest Joseph Schiavone’s online comment regarding state of the road from roundabout at Auchterderran Road down past the cemetery and on to the Jamphlars.

I on the 27th August reported this directly to the roads department online. I received an email from the above on 19th September advising the stretch of road from the roundabout to the top of Eliza Brae had been inspected since by them having received my complaint.

Apparently it does not come under a high risk or critical category and has already been placed in a larger programme of future works.

Due to COVID restrictions repairs may take longer than anticipated. Apart from Joseph’s concern regarding damage to suspension, my worry is that it is just a matter of time before a motorist tries to dodge the bad bits on the road and may be involved in an accident with oncoming traffic.