I HAVE had such a demand for my latest book, 'Moss Marion' and for both 'Chicago of Fife' books, along with a new demand for a book of last year, 'Black Night'.

This covers my dad's life in the pits and the Black Watch, with documents from World War II and pit documents. It covers the abuse of the Bevin Boys; animals sacrificed, along with the pit disasters and explosions.

And dad's personal life, up to his death, is involved throughout.

History research goes back 200 years, approximately to cover mining conditions and the Black Watch, new research info again going back a couple of hundred years.

I firmly intended these books to be kept 'very low and limited' and I have.

But it was brought to my attention, with Christmas coming, people cannot find suitable gifts.

So I will be re-ordering a 'small' amount of 'Moss Marion', 'Chicago of Fife' part 1, 'Chicago of Fife' part 2, and 'Black Knight'.

The order consists of only 10 copies of each of these books.

So if you want to book or order any of the above, orders must be put in straight away, but not later than 10th October.

The publishers are running late due to the Covid-19 situation, those first in will get the their books first.

I suppose I could be lucky to get 10 copies of each. If already on my list please phone and ensure the books you wish to order, or are kept aside.

After 10th October it will be too late to order for Christmas.

So contact myself direct. If urgently wanting only one or all of the above best to call 01383 610800 and leave a message. That way you will be next in line for books. All keep safe.


Identicat Scotland,

14 Thistle Street,

Cowdenbeath KY4 8NF.