SIR, Busy, iconic, photographic, the Rt Hon Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister of Scotland, appears a good loyal servant to her party at this time.

When she says that Boris Johnson, the UK PM's position on an Indy Referendum is untenable, I think she knows that a likely agreement is on its way.

But what does 'Indy this' and 'Indy that' really amount to? This political shorthand is for me symptomatic of the overall lack of detail from the SNP leadership in what independence will mean for we Scots, weekly or daily.

I have yet to see an intellectual argument for Scottish independence from the SNP.

We recall how Scotland in 2014 tore to shreds and dumped the Alex Salmond signed 'once in a generation' White Paper, running to a hefty 648 pages.

Today SNP leaders and others insult Scotland when they offer instead of detail, 'hope, vision, patience'. Also clear to see is the debilitating in-fighting among the SNP leaders and supporters.

We also see the multi party situation, all intent on pushing an SNP administration into their chosen corner, politically speaking. Some other 'yes' supporters call for an 'independence' vote without a policy manifesto presented-a blank cheque-in effect- 'independence' on a no policies platform?

Some 'yes' supporters seem to be in a race to produce the worst insults and designation of unionists and Mr Johnson, the elected UK PM. With such who needs supporters?

For all the above reasons I believe Scots will give short shrift to the SNP in Holyrood in 2021 and on present evidence who can say they will not deserve it?


Lawrence Street,