I WONDER when Cowdenbeath Recycling Centre will re-open.

It is disappointing as the Environment Group does lots of litter picking especially in the spring.

But we have had to curtail our large clean-ups out in the countryside due to the Centre not being open.

It is difficult carrying litter in our cars to trail to Lochgelly to dispose of it.

As a group, we have over the last 15 years removed tons of illegally dumped litter as well as all the smaller stuff. We take huge pride in what we do around the town, and all this done by volunteers who give up their spare time to help out.

And will continue to do so but the Recycle Centre needs to be open. How do we get this to happen? One of our local councillors spoke about the time slots allocated to people visiting the centre, which I believe are every ten minutes.

Can't this not be increased to reduce traffic build up to every 15 minutes or even longer?

Don't actually know if there have been any accidents at the Recycle Centre and taking into account the really busy spells at Christmas and the New Year?