I WAS one of the very few privileged to read/review this special book by Maureen Kennedy, of Identicat Scotland, Cowdenbeath.

For this book, she is really limiting the amount available, so folks don’t lose out, it should be out any day. Get your name down and order now.

‘Moss Marion’ is a unique hard covered A4 sized coloured book covering ‘Old Gray Park’ and so much about the Mossmorran Plants that I never knew, as well as ‘The Great North Road’ the A909 towards the Shell Plant.

The basis of the book is for people to know about the history of this ‘Mossmorran Area’.

Boy did I find out the story and all the research done about Marion and the Moss itself is mind boggling.

I learned about Auchtertool and Halyards Palace, with all the very old and up to date maps.

Makes ‘Marion’ a ‘Who Dunnit’ that intrigued me all through the book. That and the so many mysteries explained about Mossmorran made it a valuable reference book, but a ‘bloody good’ read, full of so many coloured photos and maps and warnings about the plants.

I learned so much about the history of the period from the late 1790s to the present.

I learned how cruel people were especially then to suicides. How cruel regarding death and burials.

Perhaps the reason this true story about a lass called Marion needed to be written.

I cannot thank Maureen Kennedy enough for me being one of the very few to be able to read in advance the book.

It is a very riveting story about ‘Marion’ but also because all other chapters also cover the Mossmorran area.

It shows us all up to date dangers still out there on the Moss.

From well over 200 years plus ago to the up to date, Maureen has connected up so very much, she has stood up to be counted and will take come flak from the gas plants' companies and others.

Mo is a lone wolf and has never held back truth.

Only libraries and her specials, elderly, vulnerable and the usual others, will get this thick, hard covered coloured book free.

Then she will only have about 12 copies left. She limited this book for obvious reasons. I hope the ones who deserve them are the ones who get them.