THANK you for the article on our problems with the drainage in Mossbank, Cowdenbeath.

However, there were a couple comments in there I wanted to highlight. 'Sara Wilson, Lead Consultant for Fife Council’s Network Condition set-up said, “We attended Mossbank, Cowdenbeath, in the early hours of Wednesday morning to deliver sandbags requested by residents.”

This caught me off guard as we phoned on the late night of the 11th three times to express our fear that the property would flooded and was told it had been passed to the pumps and they would try and come. However, as there was flooding everywhere it could not be guaranteed.

We fought on ourselves brushing water out the garage and praying it would not get to our front door and in the house.

As an aside to this, prior to Storm Francis, we just had, I phoned to ask for additional sand bags to prop up my own one's and try and stop any more flooding. I was told on the phone by a young lady that she could not issue sand bags until the water was lapping over my threshold plate. I then emailed roads, councillors etc, the following email, 'Hi everyone, Monday 24th August 2020, Just to keep everyone on the list informed. I will be starting my collection of signatures on my local petition to get action to prevent the street flooding in Mossbank. I also am aware that the MET office has stated a flooding warning for Tuesday this week into Wednesday. They state that areas that flood will more than likely flood again.'.

I therefore phoned the Fife Council line 03451550011 and pressed option 4. I spoke to a lady who was helpful and listened to my concerns. I asked If I could have some extra sand bags to my property today so I could enhance my flood prevention alongside the bags I have out all year.

Unfortunately I was informed that I cannot get sand bags unless the water is lapping into the threshold of my property.

I did call the night of the flood earlier in August, (11th), three times to say our street was flooding and I feared for my property and no one came. So I am very doubtful that if I await for the water to lap over my threshold that I will receive any immediate help.

I the continued to work at my desk in my upstairs office and my wife shouted me down as guys were throwing sand bags over my front wall onto my driveway. I asked them why and they said they were told to deliver them. This was around 30 minutes after I had been told I wasn’t getting any.

I then received this email, 'Mr Thomson, With the Met Office issuing a yellow warning for rain from Tuesday into Wednesday I will arrange for some additional sandbags to be dropped off to you this afternoon. Regards Kane Smith, Lead Consultant, Roads Maintenance (South Fife) Roads & Transportation Services.'

These are the first bags delivered this year so the comment from Sara Wilson is untrue as far as my property is concerned.

The day after the storm they did supposedly clean the drains through. But the sewers can’t cope so that only works for constant rain and not flash rain. Cheers again the fight goes on.