SCUNNERED. There’s a word. As Tom Kinnaird said, the volunteers in the community shop work hard.

They give of their time with the aim of giving to the community.

That’s all we have done from the beginning. Given time, given to community projects, given to those who needed help after trauma.

And people have given to us, donations to sell in the shop. Money donations. Customers give us their patronage. Tradesmen give of their time and materials to improve the shop. They all give. And then we have those who take.

They want it, so they break into our shop, our workplace, and steal from us and damage our property.

Well last Monday, they broke our hearts. Our committee will make plans for going forward. They took a lot from us but it will only set us back a wee bit. We are a strong, committed bunch of nutters, all with the same aim.

We hope you will continue to support us.

Personally, I hope those who did this are in receipt of some hefty condemnation and palpable disgust from the community.

I will get over what they did to all of us. I won’t forgive what they have done to our community.


Benarty Community Shop.