THAT was very interesting about what the Ginger Man had to say about Cowdenbeath.

I thought that his thoughts were very progressive because his observations came from someone knowing little about the town.

When you live in the town maybe all the greenery about is something you get used to and maybe take for granted but when you think back to the 1970s there just was not the green areas in and and around Central Park like there is now.

What the guy was totally spot-on about was the lovely huge paintings at the Green Square and the Brunton Square, these are very striking and really are just something that for me makes the centre of the town very special.

You have to take your hat off to the lady who does these for it is remarkable how really durable they are as the one of the miner boy in Brunton Square has been up for a few years now and still looks really fresh.

Maybe Ginger Man got a wee shock when he came to Cowdenbeath and I hope he enjoyed himself.


Foulford Road,