THE incredible deluge that fell from the sky a week past Wednesday really was something very unusual and spectacular.

The result really was quite stunning though for the lake that developed at the Glencraig bend was the worst I have ever seen.

There have been a few that have been close to it but literally never anything as deep as that one.

It must have been six feet or more which really was a testament to the way the early hours turned into a real old fashioned deluge.

The weather really made it the worst day for the kids to go back to school and of course because of the Glencraig water feature the Lochgelly High kids got the day off as did some in other communities.

Make no mistake though what happened in Cardenden was a massive tragedy and one which no one in the village, I bet, will ever forget I would think.

The River Ore and the Den Burn overflowing has happened before, I would imagine, but not really for a lot of years although the mess it made was something really hard to believe.

But the force of the water was such that hardly a home on Cardenden Road escaped, it would seem.

However, the story in the Times suggested that the community spirit of the village was soon playing its part in helping the residents try to get a grip of the problems caused by the floodwaters.

The chances of this happening again to the same extent have to be pretty moderate but for me the way the thunderstorms all joined together was uncanny.

It certainly created something that was pretty violent and gave our neck of the woods a right dousing. Horrendous for folk who saw their homes invaded and hopefully the council will help them find ways of getting their property repaired as the story in the Times did suggest that some insurance companies were dodging paying out. That really is shocking.


Lumphinnans Road,