THE situation which has confronted children from the two secondary schools in this area has been something which no person could have predicted.

The issues which ended up causing uproar last week were something that had to hit sooner or later.

To be honest I really feel for the Scottish Government Ministers who worked on this project for when they were appointed the last thing they would have expected to to have to come up with is something to substitute for examinations!

Even the war years could not stop exams taking place so it has never been done before. There was no template to follow.

It is another situation thrown up by this terrible coronavirus situation and unfortunately everyone from Mr Swinney, in the Parliament, to the pupils of both our two schools have been affected.

Hopefully the alternative plan thought up by the Parliament will help the kids and they can stride on this coming academic year.

There will be more problems lying ahead caused by this awful situation.


Paul Street,