JUST to say my next book, which so many of you wanted, is definitely going to be limited.

No choice as much as printers, due to coronavirus, will print right now.

I have all advanced orders in. I will put aside those I promised a few weeks back, I will.

I intended this to be very limited for a specific reason. But allowing for all free copies promised to the National Library of Scotland and OnFife archives, Glenrothes, and a few other institutional/libraries, the old folks homes, individuals who are housebound, disabled, vulnerable, bereaved, and 'the ignored'.

These are the folk who will automatically receive a free copy, anyone I have helped before.

This book, 'Moss Marion' is about the whole of Mossmorran.

It's chapters cover 'Old Gray Park', and 'History of the Great North Road', and the history of the 'Moss' along with discovering 'Marion', who about 220 years ago was 'supposed' to have committed suicide on The Moss.

This book delves into the passion of over 25 years of research about her. Also details/pictures/interviews about the Shell/Exxon plants.

With Marion, it covers Holyrood Palace and Camilla Loch, with strange stories re the back road to and from Lochgelly to Camilla Loch.

It covers suicides and areas of land with photos and maps, showing the terrible things done by our ancestors to our ancestors!

Maps from the early 1800/sketches plus all up to present, showing areas of road from the south flyover to the Shell Plant. Plus other queries, all factual, of the road.

In plain it covers what no one has before, all thanks to a lass called Marion.

After giving all pre-mentioned copies of this hard backed full colour book, there will be very little left. Cannot order more.

So far there are only a dozen or so left. Order/book/phone for a copy quickly, will keep aside a few for a few weeks only.

There are couple of copies of Part 1 and Part 2 of The Chicago of Fife still available only.

So contact only myself at the following stating which book is wanted or call on 01383 610800/priority to first contacts.


Identicat Scotland Ltd,

14 Thistle Street,

Cowdenbeath KY4 8NF.