Dear Sir, very recently Fife Councillors highlighted the serious problem of litter and illegal and unnecessary dumping of all kinds of rubbish in the locale.

In this they will have much public support. At the same time I would invite Fife Council officials and councillors to visit the the large car park just off Main Street, Kelty.

I do not know who owns, or is legally responsible for the car park, but I am sure Kelty residents and the main visitors to Kelty who use the car park would be delighted to see a major clean up of this car park.

I have never seen a car park to be so atrociously neglected and spoilt by seemingly careless individuals who over time have rendered the car park into an absolute eyesore mess.

Mr grandmother often said, if you don't keep your own doorstep clean and tidy how can you expect others to follow your example re being a good citizen.

In one way or another I hope Fife Council and the said councillors will take the necessary steps to clean up this Kelty (major shopping) car park.


Lawrence Street,