MAY I say that I must be one of so many people who have enjoyed using the facilities at Cowdenbeath Leisure Centre for many years who have been really frustrated with the past few months.

I find using the facilities at Pit Road so useful for my physical issues and it also is really good for having a good blether.

But of course over the past five months we have found that the Leisure Centre is shut like all the other Fife Leisure Trust facilities.

I have read the stories in the Times whereby the Trust's officers seem as frustrated as I am about the them not being allowed to see the Leisure Centre open.

I have been struggling with my knee joints for quite a while and have liked using the pool at the Leisure Centre which allows me to ease some of my problems.

Without it this has been a bit difficult and things have got stiffer and stiffer.

I know I am biased and want the Leisure Centre open for my own uses, but there must be so many more who want it for so many different needs.

To listen to all the reasons peddled from the powers that be why leisure facilities are not open it is highly frustrating and there must be many all across Scotland having the same problems as me.

It seems madness to me that while just about everything else has been opened up we have no swimming pools.

There must be an awful lot of people who are in the same boat as me but it could be that we will have to grin and bear it until mid September at the earliest.

Hopefully the people making the decisions realise the problems they are causing folk like me and I certainly would not want them to suffer the pain. That is my rant over for now.


Broad Street,