I CANNOT comprehend the stupidity of a local Cowdenbeath Tory councillor who thought it was a good idea to visit a gym in Carlisle when the Scottish Government's advice is not to travel to the north of England for health and safety reasons during this dreadful pandemic.

The actions of a callous and uncaring few are putting the health and well being of our community at risk.

Councillor Darren Watt should be showing some community leadership and solidarity, not undermining all the good work and sacrifice people have made over the past months. Maybe he should resign before being kicked out at the next election?


The Cottage,

Aberdour Road


Last week First Minister Nicola Sturgeon urged Scots not to travel to the north west of England after a spike in coronavirus cases there. Mr Watt explained that the travel ban did not include Carlisle where he went for a break after spending the past few months combining council work with home schooling his children. He had chosen to use the gym because it was very close to his hotel.