IS it just me, or does anybody else agree that you shouldn't qualify for the free bus travel benefit until you reach the official retirement age?

Granted,there will always be, quite rightly, exemptions (such as disabled, medically retired, special needs and their carers for example) but why should everybody else get it the minute they're sixty.

As many people are still working at that age why should the Scottish Government subsidise their travel to and from their place of work.

If somebody else uses a car to get there they can't, in most cases, claim for their petrol costs.

The money saved would ensure that the scheme could continue, as many people seem to think it's about to be axed, and would also provide money which could go into the Scottish economy, which at the present moment is completely and utterly trashed.

Also, why doesn't everybody who's currently working, not pay £2.50 towards any prescriptions they need,with all revenue raised going towards NHS Scotland?


Gellatly Road,