TO be a canny prudent Scot, as I think the First Minister is, by training and make-up is no bad thing, as we hopefully inch our way out of Covid 19.

To be a political 'prisoner', or a pandemic 'prisoner' is psychologically difficult and oppressive.

I know and have witnessed individuals struggling with the intense 'agoraphobia' feelings in shops and supermarkets and other spaces, individuals who may suffer from this 'closed' intensity for some time to come.

The Prime Minister is correct to advise us to 'stay alert' to all kinds of circumstances, at home and elsewhere.

It seems to me that we Scots in particular, are heading for some displaced, disjointed political circumstances and in essence, perhaps by voting for the potential party offerings as touted by some leading hawks in the SNP and elsewhere, we could very well see a 'surprise' for the SNP at Holyrood and an equal surge towards a big Scottish Conservative 'victory' at Holyrood.

The Scottish electorate have more political savvy than credited with and the 'shenanigans' at Holyrood at policies at 'sixes and seven' and a possible Labour and SNP alliance to 'save' the SNP Government, this can provide clarity and awareness politically, and this is not bad thing either.

What the 'scheming squabbling politicians' can't or won't solve, the Scots electorate certainly will at the first opportunity.

Could I just say that that in my last letter, which appeared on July 22, I said that the House of Commons has 'huge potential for the British people'. Some have that the word 'penitential' has appeared which has a different conotation for readers and alters somewhat my good words re the House of Commons.


Lawrence Street,