FIFE Council's greed is the reason people are fly tipping all over the county.

The Lochgelly recycling plant is now out of bounds for most people. No vans or trailers. Appointments must be made for a time slot. Everything is scrutinised by operators to see what your wanting to dispose off.

The cost for small businesses are absolutely a joke. People are going to keep dumping rubbish all over at the cost of Fife Council having to clear it which wouldn't happen if you could drive into a recycling plant and dispose of your rubbish like everywhere else in the Scotland.

Recycling??? They are hypocrites as they are charging you or stopping you doing this.

Money's more important to Fife Council not recycling or the environment.

An independent recycling plant that actually allowed people to drive in and dispose of waste is what the people of Fife need, not the greedy incompetent Fife Council.

Fife Council don't complain about flytipping again, its your fault!

Mr C