THE problems that Fife Council are experiencing with their budget is no real surprise as the effects of the lockdown are coming home to roost.

How they are going to manage what your reporter described a as a £78m black hole will take a bit of manoeuvring.

The coronavirus situation has left the economy of Scotland in a pretty rocky state and Fife also, but I suppose if the business community is shut down you can't expect much else.

When you look at the council, it never even had its recycling centres up and running so funds would have been slow to come in.

You know when you look at the various trust's it has operating facilities like Bowhill Pool, Cowdenbeath Leisure Centre and Lochgelly Centre, these have been out of action too, so these will be up against it too.

This has been a really strange, almost unique time, that few of us will forget quickly.

The hope has to be that bit by bit the council services, trust facilities and businesses in the towns and villages open up and people can start spending money again.

But the economic worries folk will have through concerns over their jobs, might affect that.

No easy answers but hopefully things will get back to something more normal soon. What we certainly do not want is a second wave of this thing, that would be a complete disaster.


Broad Street,