NOW that the flat home racing season is upon us it seems an appropriate time to review the relative prospects of the two main political stables for the coming season.

The mainstay of the Tory stable is Johnson, a boisterous colt not without ability, having won the Tory leadership stakes, the Election Derby and the Brexit Stakes.

He tends to idle when in front and needs to be kept up to his work but responds readily to the promptings from his regular jockey D Cummings.

It is uncertain, however, if this jockey will be retained by the stable.

There are a number of strong performers in this stable and one for the notebook is Sunak, who has shown immense improvement in a short time.

The Labour stable’s leading light is Starmer, who replaced Corbyn, who was decisively defeated by Johnson in the General Election Derby.

Although not as exuberant as Johnson, he too has shown considerable ability having won the Procurator-Fiscal Stakes and the Labour Leadership Stakes.

The stable are hopeful that his calm persistence will eventually wear down Johnson.

There are a number of runners from this stable who are relatively unknown and it will be interesting to see how they fare against their better known rivals.

One for the notebook is Nandy, an honest straight forward filly, who many felt had performed better than Starmer in the leadership stakes but did not get the nod.

The decisive contest between Johnson and Starmer will be on the next Election Derby. In the event of a Starmer victory Johnson will probably be retired to stand as a stud, where on part evidence, he will be extremely successful.


Cocklaw Street,