I HOPE that Alex Campbell is right with his statement in the Times re Mossmorran compensation.

It is something that needs tackled ASAP because I would say strike while the iron is hot.

If the plant boss says they are waiting for contact with the council then they are obviously expecting to be asked.

The problem addressed by Alex Campbell is an important one, all the local communities will feel they deserve something from this.

Exactly how it would operate is a bit of a mystery at the moment but getting the public good of the area together is bound to come up with good ideas.

Also the council leaders will have their own advice to give and this could be really important.

it is good to hear though that things are moving forward now, for no doubt we will have a bit of flaring to come in the New Year as the Fife Ethylene Plant stars-up again and that is bound to, as they say, keep the pot boiling.


Lumphinnans Road,