THESE were two interesting letters the Times published last week about the situation with the flaring at Mossmorran.

The two people who made their comments known certainly live close to the gas plant complex.

However, the statistics quoted about periods of flaring was quite alarming in the big picture.

But the thing is that last year there were really only two major flaring periods.

Yes one lasted about a fortnight and the other for a few days, but as the FEP plant management has stated flaring is a safety mechanism.

Maybe Alex Rowley is right to try to get some sort of bigger picture of the situation at Mossmorran.

Is the plant safe or is it not safe. I cannot imagine for a minute that it would be allowed to operate if it was not safe.

The price to pay if it all went pear shaped would simply be incalculable to it has to be safe. Maybe later this year Mr Rowley will get his wish.