SOME facts from SEPA at last about the petro-chemical complex at Mossmorran.

The revelation that flaring has increased four fold over the past ten years probably is no surprise to the people of Lochgelly, Cowdenbeath or Lumphinnans.

That would probably fit in perfectly with the thoughts of the people of these communities.

There certainly seems to have been more flaring in recent years, especially from the Fife Ethylene Plant, with little if any from the Shell NGL plant.

So with the certain politicians showing a keen interest in happenings at the site it will be interesting to see if their work brings any outstanding extra info to the table.

Presumably Exxon/Mobil are treating the extra flaring as 'one of those things', despite the fact that every moment the flare stack is lit it is costing the finances of the gas company a considerable amount.

It would seem that the Green MSP, Mr Ruskell is not for giving up on this issue.

His idea about checking out on various measurements to the effects of emissions seems a fair one and something that there has to be information available about.

What will the flaring tally in 2018 be? Well if the trend continues in its current form it will see as much as 2017 at least.

Maybe it is just bad luck that causes the increase in occurrences. If so there may be less but the fact is we will just have to wait and see.

It looks as if Mr Ruskell will have his magnifying glass on the Mossmorran plant though so very little will be missed by him in the weeks and months ahead.