THE problems experienced at the Fife Ethylene Plant last week were surely something that will happen from time to time at an industrial site like Mossmorran.

Hey the plants have been there for more than 30 years and yes there have been times when the flaring has been pretty steady but often these can be many months apart.

The thing is in any industrial situation you are going to see moments when there are breakdowns and after all the flare stack at the Fife Ethylene Plant is the safety valve as the plant spokesperson underlined.

It is maybe fair to say that the communications between Exxon/Mobil and the near neighbouring communities could be better, but I suppose when the flare has to go on people soon see it and will realise that something will soon get done about it because after all, every second the flare is running it is money down the drain for the gas company.

I believe that local politicians are right to ensure that all the right protocol is being followed but the fact is that as long as you have chemical plants in the vicinity you will get a bit of flaring now and again.

So we may go months now with nothing happening and I would imagine that would please everybody.