MARK Hood has been at it again on Facebook, denouncing my recent letter about the Meedies visitor centre in the Central Fife Times as "more nonsense". He then writes: "The SNP activist again forgets to mention that SNP councillors voted against the investment in Lochore Meadows".

I am not, and never have been, an SNP activist; I am in fact the Conservative & Unionist candidate for the East Neuk and Landward ward in the upcoming Council election.

While I am no defender of the SNP, Cllr Hood's point that SNP councillors voted against the Meedies investment is specious. He assumes people are ignorant of the way council budget votes operate. It is impossible to vote for or against particular budget items, only for or against the whole package of spending plans.

When I saw the post falsely calling me an SNP activist, I immediately commented on Cllr Hood's page with a correction, and a request for a retraction and apology. My reward was to have my comment deleted and be permanently blocked from commenting further on Cllr Hood's Facebook page.

A comment from a contributor to comments on the page called me "a stupid brainwashed SNP sheep" who should "just go back to where she comes from". It is disturbing, to say the least, that someone who holds public office and expects to be treated with respect when speaking to and for their community, does not stop such abuse.

I am not the only person whom Mark Hood has used his councillor's Facebook page to malign.

The councillor seems to be trapped in an alternative universe where anybody who disagrees with him or questions what he says is written off as an SNP activist.

He appears to find it literally inconceivable that anyone apart from himself and his Labour colleagues could be interested in the welfare of people in Central Fife or could champion values like social justice, equality or accountability. I think the word for this condition is paranoia, and it's as well Cllr Hood has decided to exit politics.


Dreel Cottage,