I AM writing this letter as I am a tad angry at the way my elderly grandmother has been treated recently on trying to get a doctor's appointment with the surgery in David Street, in Lochgelly.

My grandmother hasn't been herself recently and told me she was feeling very low on energy and walking funny.

Yet everytime gran phoned as soon as they opened in the morning she would be met with phone early the next morning and this ran and ran. Until she phoned and told the woman receptionist that she was walking funny and was suffering dizzy spells to be told to phone the next morning as there were no appointments going.

Gran should have been seen right away after explaining hey symptoms.

I am not asking for special treatment for my grandmother or anyone else for that matter and I know a lot of people are in the same boat and I would also like to say that I am not attaching any blame her as the receptionists and everyone else does a fantastic job in trying circumstances.

My grandmother eventually got seen by someone when my auntie took her and she was diagnosed as having sky high blood pressure.

As someone who lost his mother at a young age due to a stroke, something has to change from top to bottom as this waiting to see a doctor for four weeks is not on.

I am just thankful that I haven't lost a second family member whom I love dearly to a stroke.

I hope you can print this to let the general public know what's going on and once again I am attaching no blame as these decisions have to come from the pen pushers. A Bemused Grandson