Dear Editor, Clark Cross is perfectly correct in his condemnation of E-Scooters and E-Cyclists (and cyclists in general.)

Whilst not all, to be fair, should be tarred with the same brush, Mr Cross has, it would appear, like most people, had enough of the far too many "dangerous and selfish" cyclists who show no consideration for others and labour under the misapprehension that they own the road.

As they're on the road,why aren't they subject to some kind of road tax?

Fife Council, along with many other regions, spend hundreds of thousands of pounds creating cycle lanes and paths, many of which stop at road junctions so that riders can dismount,and then remount on the other side of road.....yeah,like that happens.

Why isn't the ridiculous sums of money wasted on accommodating these various cyclists more adequately spent repairing the shocking state of our roads, that us motorists actually pay a tax for the maintenance of?

Eric Travers, Dunfermline