As the days grow longer, I am reminded that better days are coming. Sooner than we think, it will be Spring.

The evenings will be lighter, the days warmer and, most importantly, we will have taken significant steps towards beating the coronavirus – through the largest vaccination rollout in our country’s history.

The end is in sight, but it is vital that we keep strong for just a little longer.

Recently it was Blue Monday, deemed by many to be the most depressing day of the year.

This day gave me opportunity to reflect on how our community was feeling, almost a year after Scotland reported its first case of Covid-19.

Undoubtedly our area, like communities across the world, is going through the collective suffering that the pandemic has brought.

Many people have lost loved ones. Others are still ill in hospital.

Some are still living with the debilitating impact of the Covid-19 virus, months after they were first infected – something known as ‘long Covid’.

Not only has the virus had a huge impact on the physical health of our population, but our mental health has been tested in ways that we could perhaps never have foreseen.

I was touched by the way those involved with the Lantern Journeys installation at Silverburn Park approached Blue Monday.

This stunning community art project acts as a poignant reflection of the last year, as well as a beacon of hope for the future.

Lanterns now line the paths in Silverburn park, connecting our community and heritage, and shining a light on mental health and wellbeing.

I thought that this was such a positive way to approach Blue Monday.

We know that making time to check in and have a simple chat with others can be important to our mental health and wellbeing.

The Scottish Government marked Blue Monday by reminding us that in January, however bleak, we can still find beauty in nature – like a sunrise.

Remembering these small things can go a long way in clearing your head. More tips on how to boost your mood can be found at

I’d like to once again extend my warmest wishes for 2021 to all of my Mid Fife and Glenrothes constituents, and remind you all that lighter, warmer, and better days are coming.

And they’re coming soon.