THE concerns that have been expressed to me about the way return to play has been handled by the authorities certainly is something worth looking at.

It would appear that teams are not allowed to have showers after games.

Cowdenbeath boss Gary Bollan and Dundonald Bluebell manager, Kevin Fotheringham, have both aired their worries about players not being able to shower after games.

Indeed, Mr Bollan set a possible scene to me whereby Cowden were playing at Elgin City in the winter and on a day where it was raining with a cool wind. After the game his players would have to travel straight back home in a pretty distressed state.

He mentioned the term ‘lack of health and safety’ and that seems exactly what this is. Mr Fotheringham underlined a similar situation with his players taking part in an away game in the winter and having to face a return home in pretty drab circumstances.

It would seem that the regulations being imposed on sport by the Scottish Government are not really aligned with promoting good health. Football players having to travel, perhaps long distances, in wet gear does not seem to be right when a hot shower is what is needed

Surely the football authorities and Government can sort this out before the Championship, League 1 and League 2 seasons start along with the East of Scotland League and Lowland League campaigns.