THE production by the Ginger Man with A Cam and A Laptop was rightly hailed by Cowdenbeath Community Council.

The mobile documentary maker about communities was totally taken by the huge pieces of art work at the Green Square and Brunton Square on High Street.

He was also impressed by the greenery in the town and the mix of shops on the High Street.

What Ginger Man doesn't know is how the town has been turned around over the past five years with some significant investment.

It has taken time and indeed, when you look at the latest addition, North End Retail Park, it started on its way 11 years ago when Tesco purchased North End Park.

It has taken time and so much progress has been made. However, one problem still remains, yes that old chestnut the Crown Hotel.

Local councillor, Alex Campbell, has made a number of moves to try and get the current owners of the site to get the burned out shell of the former night spot redeveloped and despite a lot of suggestions nothing has moved forward there in 13 years.

However, while it has stood still an awful lot of positivity has arrived in the town.

The commitment of Fife Council over this period cannot be questioned. Indeed, they have led the way in the improvements to both the central areas of Cowdenbeath, and in Lochgelly and the latter won a major civic award a few years back.

The revamp of the area around Central Park has been a keystone of the improvements and has led to so much of the greenery Ginger Man talked of.

Indeed, had he been in Stenhouse Street 40 years ago he might not have been so impressed!

The arrival of the Lidl and B&M stores at the beginning the year has moved the story near to completion, but until The Crown situation has been dealt with that story will not be completed.