2020 is fast becoming the year of the crisis.

The coronavirus crisis has dominated much of the year and then on Wednesday we saw the heavens open and torrential rain pound the district for around five hours.

The result was roads and property flooded, from Crossgates to Cardenden, and people left facing severe problems.

Motorists heading on the B920 found their vehicles swamped at Glencraig and they had to abandon them as water started to gather with feet rather than inches quickly accruing.

A Cardenden man heard water entering his hallway in the early hours and his investigation saw his entire downstairs area infiltrated and furniture ruined.

The motoring public tried to keep going but really it was all about trying and then seeing where it got them.

Also footpaths were much the same, a case of if you wanted to go somewhere give it a go and hope.

Like with the roads some were manageable others were not until later in the day.

But like the Covid-19 issue it has seen the local communities pull together.

Indeed, in Cardenden Chris King's day got worse when his indoor problems saw outdoor issues strike with his car infiltrated by floodwater, but the boxing coach, who has raised a lot money for Cancer Research through many events, saw a fundraising page set up be friends to help himself and young daughter tackle the problems he discovered in his Cardenden Road home.

Yet again a community has rallied around local people who had been left wondering what the future holds after within a matter of hours, life change issues occurred due to a quirk in the weather.

Certainly the way that thunderstorms came together to provide hour after hour of torrential rain really was phenomenal and something some weather watchers suggested was a one in decades circumstance.

However, the local communities have rallied once more which has been completely outstanding.