'THIS week is momentous for children, their families, their teachers and all school staff as the new school year begins in a year like no other. There is much trepidation and understandably so.

"This is why we must all continue to be on our guard in the fight against Covid. I have urged education bosses in Fife to ensure there is complete transparency and good communication with all parents as this will go a long way to giving the assurances that pupils and parents need.

My view is that there may have to be trade-offs but that the education of our children must rank at the top of our priorities.

"Whilst I have no doubt that there has never been such resources spent and co-operation around the world to find a vaccine there is no guarantee of finding one soon and that means we have to learn to live with Covid as best and as safe as we can.

There will be further guidance and laws published in this week that are aimed at tightening up the measures we are all expected to live by. At present it is advised that in hospitality every customer has their details taken but this will now become mandatory and there will be more stringent social distancing rules put in place for indoor hospitality. I enjoy going for a pint alongside anyone and I have seen some really good practice and bad practice since things started to open up but I am afraid if people ignore the basic rules then such premises will be closed again.

As we saw from events in Aberdeen last week, where people ignore the rules it leads to outbreaks and the one thing we know for certain about Covid is, it spreads like wildfire.

I also know from my mail box that many people remain heartbroken about what has happened in our care homes and they want answers. Those questions and answers will be forthcoming but I believe the priority remains making sure this cannot happen again. I note that the SNP leader of Fife Council said this week “there is not a cat in hell's chance” of a second wave of the virus hitting Scotland. I have talked with many qualified health experts and virologist and they don’t share that view so we must all take responsibility and be on our guard'.