THE coronavirus crisis has indeed turned everyone's life upset down in one way or another.

The fall out of it all is still leading to all sorts of issues and issues and the one being encountered by Lochgelly based Zodiac Dance are a real and very worrying for the owner Stacey Gunn.

The Zodiac dance students, around 200 of them, have not been in their custom built dance studio since March but have been able to stay in some kind of step by taking part in outdoor sessions, when the weather allows, and also online work.

Clearly none of these are anything like working with their tutors in the studio at Lochgelly Miners Welfare Institute.

By this stage Stacey thought she might have had some idea of when dance studios would be allowed by the Scottish Government to re-open, but alas no.

They are in the same position as the gymnasiums and leisure centres, still waiting.

Stacey described her dance school as 'a forgotten business' and after seeing her dance studio shut for five months she would be right to be thinking that.

Most parts of the business community have had direction on when the likelihood of re-opening could take place but the dance schools and leisure centres have been left hanging.

There is concern that indoor activities can carry extra risks with the possible spread of Covid-19 as opposed to open air situations.

However, there needs to be better direction from the authorities to at least give hope to business people such as Stacey that they will re-open.

Some dance schools in other parts of Scotland have already closed their doors for the last time and the lady who has spent 20 years coaching some outstandingly talented young people, and a host of world champions, does not want to see that happen in Lochgelly.

Hopefully the powers at Holyrood will see a way to let dance schools open their doors soon.