THE people who have been wantonly discarding rubbish on Cuddyhouse Road are exactly what the chairman of Fife Council's Council Environment, Protective Services & Community Safety Committee described. They are 'environmental vandals'.

The act last weekend was totally wrong and the three sites where they dumped a mixture of doors, corrugated iron and general rubbish, were indeed a mess.

There is the situation just now that the Recycling Centres cannot handle big items, and clearly the people who dumped the front door at the Town House car park, in Cowdenbeath, and the roofing up from the Cuddyhouse Road site, decided to take their frustration out in the town.

All four local councillors were very frustrated by the actions of the perpetrators and are hopeful that something can be done to at least get the Cowdenbeath Recycling Centre back in action ,which might persuade the people that Ross Vettraino rightly called 'environmental vandals' that wanton flytipping is not the way ahead.

Even when all the recycling centres were fully open there was still a fair bit of tipping going on in this area and indeed, all over Fife.

There are some people who seem to think that there is no need to use a recycling centre. The only way to sort that out is to catch them and fine them but it is not an easy task to get hold of the perpetrators.

The continued dumping cannot go on though, for it completely ruins all the work that the various environment groups in district are doing.