IT will be interesting to see what decision Fife Council makes on how they will fill the school dinner gap this coming school holidays.

A number of ideas have been tabled before councillors and there was a determination among elected members that it is crucial that the gap is filled.

Over the past few years it has become clear that a school dinner can be the only square meal some children get each day underlining its importance.

Indeed, that was why 18 months ago the Cafe Inc idea came into being. It was piloted in the communities under the umbrella of Cowdenbeath Area Committee and it worked well during the two school holiday periods it was tested.

To such an extent that the summer school break of 2019 saw Cafe Inc go county wide and it was as effective in every community as it was in the Cowdenbeath-Lochgelly area.

The coronavirus crisis saw normal schooling turned on its head in March and basically saw the end of school meals until later in the year and with it there was a problem of how to ensure children would get the chance of a school meal.

The answer was that families were sent a sum of money to cover a school meal per day and last week councillors were left with coming up with the way to handle the situation during the up and coming school summer break.

Financially Cafe Inc is a better prospect, and as some councillors contended, it ensures that the expenditure is definitely used in supplying a meal for children.

There, however, will still be the situation in July where social distancing is required and this would put a few hurdles in the way of the Cafe Inc proposal.

In the circumstances the likelihood is that continuing the payments idea might be the only way ahead for this summer, but it could be a cost which will put pressure on finances.

Cafe Inc is successful and is economical but logistics could count it out. However, something must be done to keep the daily meal available for kids.