THE fact that people are coming together to start to openly criticise people who are fly-tipping in the area is encouraging.

Now that the recycling centres are starting to open, although when the Cuddyhouse Road one in Cowdenbeath will be fully operational is still not clear, should help things.

The efforts to start a Facebook page to try and track flytipping should be applauded and hopefully the more that the issue is raised on social media the more the perpetrators will be persuaded that wantonly throwing rubbish into the countryside is not the way to deal with this issue.

Certainly the dumping that Guy Anderson found near Westfield was really the worst yet and the people who have been using that site as a tip really should look at themselves in the mirror.

It is a complete shocker, everything from an old caravan to building rubble simply dumped.

By using social media to alert people to incidents of fly-tipping people can start to maybe get through to those who are simply breaking the law by their actions, that this is simply wrong.

At a time of year when the local countryside is looking very attractive fly-tipping is something which should be not be happening and the more that can be done persuade the culprits to cease their activities the better.