WITH us now facing another three weeks of lockdown as the battle to contain the coronavirus crisis goes on, this situation is really showing that people who think community spirit is a thing of the past are wrong.

Since the first day of the lockdown community heroes have been emerging and over the past few days we have seen the sisters Frances and Andrea Hughes and their friends making and delivering up to 50 meals a day in Kelty and the People's Pantry open at BRAG's Crosshill Centre, through the efforts of a lot of volunteers.

How long it is going to take to get back to some sort of normality no one knows but the thing is that no matter what the time scale is the local communities have people in them to ensure that elderly and vulnerable people will not be forgotten.

It is almost like the visit of the Beast from the East a couple of years back when some of our villages and parts of communities were cut off.

People were there to come to the rescue and it is the same in this very different situation with each community having many people stepping up to the plate with determination that people needing help will get it.