IN this time of lockdown life it is very difficult for communities to be able to really think ahead a few hours far less weeks and months.

We have seen Benarty Gala, Cowdenbeath Gala and the Benarty Pipe Band Competition cancelled.

So to get a bit of good news for a change in that Bowhill Highland Games might yet be re-born in 2020 was indeed the sort of boost that lifted people's spirits, especially in the Cardenden area.

Had the games had to stick to their original date of May 17 these to would have been cancelled, but having taken the chance to switch to the end of the Games season in September has given the event the chance to go ahead and see the re-birth of Bowhill Highland games after a gap of 68 years.

The Bowhill Highland Games Committee deserve full praise to stick determinedly to their plan of ensuring that Wallsgreen Park can see the Games re-emerge from the depths of history.

Of course the change of date just opens up the chance for the Games to go ahead, it will really depend on how the coronavirus situation develops over the next few months, but to get the Games going ahead would give people a real boost after the long dark days caused by the virus.

People have had a long hard three and a half weeks of 'lockdown,' and there are a few more weeks to come it would seem, but if everyone adheres to the Government guidelines hopefully the virus situation will ease, as will then the restrictions.

If the Games are able to go ahead on Sunday September 13 it will be a highly historic moment and as it would be one of the few to survive the lockdown in Scotland it would attract a huge crowd with folk flocking to Wallsgreen from all over the country.

So there is much to look forward to in the ABCD community.