THERE has been a rise in fly-tipping, according to Fife Council, over the past couple of weeks, since the Recycling Centres closed due to measures in line with the coronavirus guidelines.

That in itself is no real surprise as people come to terms with having items they want to take to the recycling bases in Cowdenbeath and Lochgelly, but suddenly having no place to take them.

It, like many other circumstances that have arrive on our doorsteps since the 'lockdown' to combat the virus started, is a new experience and hopefully after initial frustration dies down, people will think about how they can store these items which can make a mess of lovely countryside if these are just carelessly dumped.

What really needs to be done is for you to find a suitable place in your garden or outhouse where you can keep the items you want rid of until the recycling centres re-open.

That may be a few weeks yet but the important thing to remember is that this situation is not going to last forever and soon you will be able to dispose of the unwanted items in the appropriate place.

Remember you can be fined £200 if you are caught fly-tipping, but worse consider the damage you are doing to the local countryside. So be patient and organised.