THE problem with careless dog owners at Bowhill Cemetery is certainly something which should not be happening.

That people wishing to spend time remembering loved ones deserve better than being met with piles of dogs' mess is a simple fact.

The issue is made worse by the fact that people heading for the Memorial Garden at the cemetery are having to dodge the same problems.

There are signs up making it plain that not cleaning up after your pet is breaking the law but clearly there have been some dog owners in Cardenden who think that they can just ignore the situation.

It is clearly not just one or two who are causing this distasteful situation but several more who are ignoring the rules.

No cemetery should be treated in this way and use of the word 'desecration' is not far from being spot-on about what has been happening at Bowhill.

The community activists are right to be incensed by the problems being experienced and hopefully their appeal to dog owners will work to clean up the situation.

As I said earlier, the signs at the cemetery spell it out to all dog owners that is not acceptable for them to ignore cleaning up after their pets so hopefully the appeals by the activists will work.