THE owner of Kassy's Kitchenette was quite right to air her concern about the condition of the pavement outside her Cowdenbeath shop.

Caroline Paterson had seen the state of the path deteriorate week by week as vehicles have continued to park on the pavement almost daily.

These have been mostly delivery vehicles but there have been cars too popping up on the pavement from time to time.

The simple fact is that these pavements are meant for human feet not tyres and the weight of vehicles and the continued malpractice of vehicle parking is bound to have a serious affect on the condition of them.

What worries Mrs Paterson most is that pedestrians are running the risk of walking down High Street and risking tripping on the uneven surfaces.

Senior citizens, especially, could be the most vulnerable to the situation.

Fife Council will repair the damage in the coming days, which will be welcomed by Mrs Paterson and users of this stretch of High Street up from the railway bridge, but the fact is that unless the perpetrators of the problem, the illegal parkers, cease their activities, the damage will gradually return.

So the key element in all this is that the delivery people and casual illegal parkers keep off the pavements and park at the side of the carriageway.