THE information put out by Fife Council's cemetery service about Old Beath Cemetery is encouraging.

The Times reader who expressed her concern about the state of this historic cemetery in Old Perth Road was absolutely right to do so.

What she found at the site in December was particularly worrying with loose branches lying all over the place and gravestones knocked flat.

The stormy weather had played its part, with a tree being blown down which severely damaged the boundary wall.

The people charged with clearing up the area had to lower the gravestones to get the part of the cemetery near the wall cleaned up and repairs to the wall carried out and that was what led to the cemetery having such a desolate look about it.

But the assurance by head of the cemetery department at the council, Liz Murphy, that as soon as the new fencing for the wall is in place the cemetery will be totally restored will be a relief for many.

There has been a lot of concern about the state of the two cemeteries off Old Perth Road, due to reductions in staffing, and a team of volunteers have been aiding the cemeteries team that looks after the Beath facilities.

Once the work is completed the Old Beath cemetery should have a completely new look about it which will be welcomed by not only our reader but everyone in the town.