IT really is important that things move smoothly on the project to find a new use for Cowdenbeath's Town House.

The iconic building has dominated the north end of High Street for a century and is an intrinsic part of the history of the former coal mining capital of West-Central Fife.

The debating chamber of the Town House was where Cowdenbeath Town Council made many historic decisions.

One of the most famous was the council's decision to defy the Heath Government's Housing Finance Act in 1973 which saw them concerned that means tested relief for tenants for the new increased rent levels was unacceptable.

In Scotland Clydebank and Cowdenbeath Town Councils made headline news by refusing to implement the terms of the Act and ended up causing a stand-off with CTC taking on the Government.

When the council ceased to exist two years later the chamber was used for other things including weddings but in 2007, when Fife Council set up Cowdenbeath Area Committee, councillors were back in the chamber and making decisions which affected the town and the Cowdenbeath-Lochgelly area in general.

Four years ago the council moved its operations to Brunton House and the building at 123 High Street was left empty.

The members of the Area Committee have remained committed that the Town House should remain and various ideas have been tabled and then the boost came that the Scottish Government was prepared to pump £400,000 into a project to see the building upgraded and new uses found for it.

But that spend has to take place within the next few months and a feasibility study into the project ends this month.

Fife Council wants to take the people of the town with them in finding the way ahead for the Town House and once a shortleet of uses has been identified the public will be consulted.

But the key thing is a decision is made within the matter of a few months to ensure the spend is made in Cowdenbeath so we are reaching a crucial stage in the process.