'General Election wins for the SNP across the whole of West and Central Fife will help set the pace to take Scotland on the path to a second Independence Referendum in the next 12 months. The UK has reneged on the promises it made in 2014 and Scotland’s future must now be placed firmly in Scotland’s hands.

As someone who lived though all 18 years of a Margaret Thatcher Government, we should all be fearful of the Government that will be led by Boris Johnson and many of the extreme right wing tendencies we experienced through the Thatcher years can be seen in Johnson’s approach to politics. Recent reports suggest that the former coal mining areas are still feeling the impact of what Thatcher did to our communities and not only this area, but the whole of Scotland could be facing more of the same under this new UK regime.

More positively, can I thank the electorate in Dunfermline and West Fife for the faith they have shown me in re-electing me as their MP for a third time in less than 5 years...this time with a whopping majority of 10,699 votes over my Labour opponent. With independence on the horizon, I hope that I am the last ever Westminster MP, of any party, to represent this constituency and I’ll be working as hard as I can to ensure that your faith is repaid and we deliver independence as quickly as we can.

There is no doubt that the next years at Westminster will be quite different from the last five years. We have a Prime Minister who will either use his substantial majority to push his right wing agenda through Parliament or he could use his powers to ignore Parliament completely or he could strip powers away from the Scottish Parliament. We can already see that he is prepared to fill the House of Lords with more of his party cronies to reduce the amount of opposition and scrutiny. Many of these new places are being filled by those who lost their seats in December and were found to be unelectable by the great British public.

Part of my “new deal” for 2020 will to spend more time out and about across the constituency, taking up issues close to your heart and making sure that my constituents are well protected from a London Tory Government which is unlikely to do Scotland many favours. The readership area of the Central Fife Times covers three Westminster Parliamentary constituencies and I am also keen to work with the other local MPs, Neale Hanvey and Peter Grant, to make sure that the area wins the level of investment and services required to make your quality of life better.

As I said following the election. Scotland is on the move. The SNP won 45% of the vote in Scotland and 80% of the seats. With that mandate, it’s time to put Scotland’s future firmly in Scotland’s hands.

A very happy, healthy and prosperous 2020 to all'.